A collection of the most frequent questions by our clients and its answers.

Are Segl services available in Jeddah only?

No. Segl services cover all KSA cities and territories.

If I have a design, what do you need to start with the project execution?

If you have a design already, we need to review the blueprints, CAD files and 3D files. In addition to pictures or videos of the real location in order to define the preliminary requirements of the project.

How do you determine the project cost?

Every project is different and the price is determined based on the space, the type of decorations and furniture required.

How do you determine the project delivery time?

The time is determined based on the project status, the space, and the details we are required to work on.

When does the execution phase start?

The execution starts after approving the designs and determining all the project requirements.